Emptiness, hopelessness, darkness

No light at the end of the tunnel

No end to this torment in sight


I turn back but the passage crumbles

No way to pass the ruin and rubble

So onwards through the dark I stumble


Arms outstretched, my hands groping

Blindly I press on just hoping

The next corner leads me into the open


Onwards, ever onwards, I press

No stopping, though I ache for a rest

My energy sapped, of strength I’m bereft


Lost in these sightless caverns

Even the air I breathe is a burden

My feet are leaden, my legs are wooden


I can’t go on, I have to stop

I submit, give in, to my knees I drop

The ground disappears, and I fall


I land on my back, I look up and see

A million stars shining down on me

I’m out of the darkness, I’m free

Escaped from the world for eternity


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