It’s that time of year again;

Cards and pictures do the rounds,

Depicting cliché Christmas scenes,

Deep white snow upon the ground,

A robin perched upon an evergreen.


Dogs dressed as reindeer pull a sleigh,

While in the sky the sun shines bright,

A snowman watches children play,

Hurling snowballs left and right.


Speeding down the hills on sleds,

Or skating on the frozen lake,

Before they head home to be fed,

On roasted turkey and Christmas cake.


They’ll all sit around the fireplace,

A happy smile on every face.


It’s that time of year again.


But look out the window on Christmas Day,

It’ll be nothing like those clichéd scenes,

Rain will be falling from a sky so grey,

No robins whistling from the evergreens.


No snow to start a snowball fight,

Nor on which the children can sled,

No pretty carpet of brilliant white,

Grey slush covers the ground instead.


And it would be a mistake,

If anyone tried to skate,

On the barely frozen lakes,

That won’t support their weight.


So we’ll stay warm in our homes and complain,

How every year it’s always the same.


It’s that time of year again.



  1. I don’t like the holidays – but I have many reasons for this. One reason is that People become crazy- it’s like they crave the chaos and drama – not the time with their families. It’s a shame really – what some people are like – it’s like the lowest extreme of that movie the purge – everyone is allowed to go insane until Christmas and then they go back to normal again — so freaking weird

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    1. My issue with them is the whole commercialism side of it. I’m not Christian, so don’t care about it, only involving myself in it because of family. I get angry at all those who celebrate the presents and whatever without even caring about the actual point of it.

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