In My Dreams

What will I see tonight on my adventures,

As I explore the endless world of dreams?

A place where possibilities are endless,

And nothing is ever quite as it seems.


What will I encounter on my wanderings,

As I journey far and wide within my mind?

I will scale peaks and follow rivers winding,

And within dark caves what treasures will I find?


What creatures will I spy upon my travels,

What kinds of people populate my sleep?

What foes must I vanquish in epic battles,

What monsters lurk and in the shadows creep?


I don’t know the answer to these questions,

But one thing to me is absolutely certain;

The company I’ll have with me throughout,

Will keep me safe and give me warmth; no doubt.


Because you, my love, you will be my companion;

With you I know I’ll conquer any mountain,

And navigate the deepest, widest canyon.

I know the night are dark, the roads are long,

But with you here with me I will go on.



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