The Lost Kingdom

Somewhere there lay a kingdom

Lost many long years ago

Small and unsuspecting, it

Was swallowed by the shadows


Without the light of the sun

The crops all withered and died

And in the pitch black houses

The people cowered, afraid


Against this evil terror

The kingdom was powerless

The soldiers could do nothing

They could not fight the darkness


And so the kingdom was lost

Hidden by the darkest veil

And as all light was destroyed

A lone candle flame prevailed


But after years of silence

There came along a stranger

Delving into the shadows

No regard for the danger


And in the darkness they found

The small and lonely candle

Somehow the flame still burning

On a wax coated mantle


And with that flame the stranger

Lit a fire within the hearth

Filling the cold, silent home

With precious light and warmth


Home to home the stranger went

Setting fires in every one

The warmth and light of the flames

Spreading throughout the kingdom


The light lifted the darkness

The shadows were burned away

The people stirred and awoke

To the long forgotten day



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