What Do You See?

Take a look in the mirror now

And tell me what you see;

Is the person staring back at you

The one you thought it would be?


You started out with a clear path

But you got lost along the way;

Drifting further from the righteous track

With every passing day.


Your motives, they were good and pure –

Always putting the weaker first;

But you tasted power and wanted more,

An unquenchable thirst.


A corrupted soul, consumed by hate,

A vicious hunger you can’t sate.



Take a look in the mirror now,

Does it truly reflect

The person you thought it would show,

Is it as you’d expect?


Your will was strong but vision blurred,

And you never did realise

How people came to fear your sword,

Scared of their own demise.


Sinners are rarely able to

See the faults in their actions;

The same is true to say of you,

Unable to see your own wrongs.


You thought you were always doing right,

But biased views clouded your sight.



So take a look in the mirror now,

Don’t be afraid of what you see;

The person staring back at you,

Isn’t who you will always be.


There’s always time, always a way,

To set a different course;

Take care of all you do and say,

Don’t be afraid to feel remorse.


You once walked the righteous path,

Then somehow went astray;

But you’re strong enough to make it back,

I know you will one day.


Let go of the anger, let go of the hate,

Itโ€™s your chance to choose a different fate.




          1. That is a good way to write.
            I know I tried to write like other poets. How they use certain words I hated it. So just wrote from a honest place and people can relate. Not every day is roses are red. Sometimes you feel dark or alone and you want to that you’re not alone. So write to express the emotions we all feel and need to get out

            Liked by 1 person

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