What Did I Do Wrong

I did everything you asked of me,

Did it just as you asked it to be,

Took no shortcuts, no corners cut,

But still – you’re not happy.


I ask you, simply, “What’s wrong?”

You say that I’ve known all along,

That I ignore, what happened before,

The reason why your smile is gone.


You expect me to rectify,

Wrongs you won’t specify,

As though somehow, I’m meant to know,

What I did to so mortify.


But I won’t apologise anymore,

When I don’t know what I’m sorry for,

Because I don’t know, what I did to you,

That is clearly still feeling raw.


So if you choose to persist,

Push me away for something I missed,

I will not stay, to be treated this way,

‘Cus you’re not the only one who’s pissed.


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