Calm waters

A still surface


Clean, pristine


Throw a rock

A stone, pebble

Break the surface

Shatter perfection


See the ripples spread

Reaching out

The once still surface

Now alive

With anger, fury


It doesn’t take much

That rock, that stone

Will be felt all around

On the far away shore

Deep down on the floor


Just one small action

Disturbing the calm

Shattering perfection

Doing more harm

Than you could imagine


Act wisely, and understand

The ripples you may cause



    1. It was the overall needing to understand the impact you can have. Not just from social interactions potentially hurting somebody, but even wider reaching decisions. Many of the morons who voted for the UK to leave the EU did so as a protest vote, not believing the Leave vote would win. The election of Donald Trump in the USA is believed to be similar.

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