Please, Please, Criticise!

I write and I write

People read and they read

But they never tell me

What I really need


They say it was good

They tell me I’m great

It sounds sugar-coated

Give it to me straight!


What I need to know

Is what I did wrong

Was my spelling atrocious?

Is the story too long?


Was the plotline weak?

Was it too farfetched?

Do the words I use

Make you vomit and wretch?


Please don’t be gentle

Don’t try to be nice

Please tell the truth

Please, please, criticise



  1. There’s one thing that could be fixed… yea… nope I’ve got nothing. Your work is amazing without any doubt. I’m sure everyone else agrees so don’t wait to receive criticism from others because you’ll be waiting for way longer than you can imagine.

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