Proud Of You

I see you standing proud,

So I stand proud here too,

Proud to be your friend,

I’m proud of you.


Just let the love shine bright,

No matter what or who.

Flames of passion ignite!

I’m proud of you.


Be who you are inside,

Let your true self shine through.

Just be yourself with pride.

‘Cause I’m proud of you.


Don’t stop being who you are,

Don’t try being someone new.

Keep shining, you’re my star.

I’m proud of you.


You need hide no longer,

Just live your life, stay true.

Know this makes you stronger,

I’m so proud of you.

This was written by a friend of mine, for a mutual friend after they ‘came out’



    1. Slowly, society is becoming more accepting of the LGBQTetc. community. I hope that soon, sexual orientations and identities will no longer be used as labels, but just part and parcel of daily life.

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        1. I know 😦 I studied philosophy and ethics in school, and wrote about how the Christian church tends to follow ‘Natural Law’ (meaning that they decide on what is ethical or moral by what happens in nature), yet are still anti-homosexuality.

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