No Excuse

There is no book, no flag, no creed

That can ever excuse your greed

Or the way you make us bleed

While depriving us of all we need


You believe that you can justify

Your sickening depravity

You believe that can just deny

The most basic of all our rights


You claim you act for all of us

While breaking promises and trust

Putting you and your rich friends first

And systematically murdering us


Parents weep and children cry

As day by day your people die

You know you are the reason why

Yet still you choose to cheat and lie


And steal the food from off our plates

While you yourself live off the state

And what petty fortunes we can make

You claim it all as yours to take


How many people must fall dead

Before it enters your thick head

That all the blood that has been shed

Stains your hands in crimson red



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