Love, Life & Loss

Counting Down The Days

I don’t want to fall asleep

In my eyes I want to keep

This image of you ever more

Gaze on you forever more


I don’t want to stay awake

Feel this longing and heartache

To be with you, my missing piece

And in my dreams I’ll find some peace


Nothing matters anymore

This wanting, needing, longing for

To find myself in your embrace

And see the smile on the face


So we’re counting down the days

Wishing every hour away

‘Til our soul is joined and made anew

Soon, my love, I’ll be with you


10 thoughts on “Counting Down The Days”

    1. Wow. Yeah, I can see that interpretation now 😮
      Certainly wasn’t intentional though. This is what I love about poetry – the way people find different meanings in the same words.


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