The winter has passed

And spring has come

It’s no longer grey

There’s blue skies, and sun


Flowers are blooming

There’s blossom on trees

And all the damn pollen

Is making me sneeze


Bees are a-buzzing

And making their honey

While I sit indoors

My nose itchy and runny


New born lambs

Run around the fields

Unaware they’re just months

From being ready meals


The tweeting of birds

Carry on the breeze

But it’s five in the morning

Just let me sleep, please


Already in April

Nearly in May

Easter’s just gone

Summer’s on the way


Or did we just have it

Those five days of sun

Not a drop of rain

Yep, summer’s been done


And while we’re barely¬†a third

Of the way through the year

There’s only two hundred and forty eight days

‘Til Christmas is here


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