You Will Fall

You think that you’re above us all

Convinced that you will never fall

But if you keep on doing as you please

You’ll see this country brought to its knees


You think taking away our education

Is going to aid our subjugation

And depriving us of health and aid

Will in turn cause our strength to fade


You come at us with threats designed

To enslave our hearts and minds

You think that you can force our silence

And keep control through fear and violence


But with every blow that you deliver

The fire in our hearts grows ever bigger

Soon you’ll see the people rise

And crush your world before your eyes


You’re not untouchable

Nor indestructible

You’re not invincible

You will fall



  1. Puissant.

    as i read those lines,
    i could feel the pain.
    the pain of having a dictator
    who thinks he is a god
    who thinks he is immortal
    who thinks he is standing
    give him this advice
    and mince each of my words
    tell yee not to be proud
    his power is not an heavenly realm
    when death knocks at your door
    negotiation becomes history
    and you are swept in a cloud of darkness
    that soars without abating
    what we call eternal darkness
    is death and her puissant powers.

    -Stephen M. Mutuku-

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