Good Work, America

You must have been delirious

‘Cus you can’t have been serious

When you chose to vote

For that wretched old scrote


“Too many Mexicans,

So I’ll build a wall,” he said

“And Muslims are evil,

So I’ll ban them all,” he said

“Abortion is wrong,

So I’ll make it illegal,” he said


He never tried to disguise

Cover your ears or eyes

He said what he’d do

He never lied to you


Now he’s picking fights with China

Iran and North Korea

The Middle East (mostly Syria)

Mexico, Puerto Rico

Venezuela and Australia


And he shouted, “More guns,”

In his campaign speeches

Because that’s what America needs…

Even though they’re the reason

(along with the hate he preaches)

An entire country bleeds


You saw all the signs

But you acted so blind

Now you must realise

That you’re paying the price


He even blamed the victims

Of a shooting in a mosque

Pinning the blame on Muslims

Because, lets be honest, he’s a cock


And the way he always cries

That everything is “Fake news!”

Yet he keeps on spreading lies

With every word he spews


And with Puerto Rico devastated

By Hurricane Maria

He said, “at least it’s not as bad

As Hurricane Katrina”

Then instead of showing sorrow

For the injured and the dead

He started throwing paper towels

At the survivors’ heads


But I guess it just shows

That you really aren’t that fussy

If you chose a man that boasts

About grabbing women “by the pussy”


You must have been delirious

‘Cus you can’t have been serious

When you chose to elect

That sexist, mysogynistic

Racist and homophobic

Intellectually challenged

So hopelessly damaged

Feckless old lump

As President Trump


Updated with extra stanzas, because this lunatic just keeps on providing material


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