Same Old Story

Sick of all the shit on the T.V

Tired of watching the same damn movie

All they ever do now is regurgitate

Churn out re-imaginings and remakes

Take out all the filler and what are you left with?


A story we’ve seen a thousand times before

One or two changes but we still know the score

Better actors, better graphics

Better action, better scripts

Add some CGI, but you can’t deny

It’s still just the same old shit

Add some romance here and a sex scene there

The hero’s now a heroine but I still don’t care


Sick of all the shit on the T.V

Tired of watching the same damn movie

It’s the same old story

Just a little more gory

More fluff, more snuff

But all it does is bore me


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  1. I think about this a lot, too. It’s like they are running out of ideas. Too many remakes, loss of originality, etc. Fluff is the perfect way to describe it.

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    1. It’s become so tedious now. I think the last film I actually watched properly was Spectre, and everything in it was so predictable. And films always seem to need a love story behind it, and some overly long and drawn out sex scene.

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  2. Thanks, hit a nerve. Stopped TV 10 years ago. Best thing really. Okay still view the odd thing on internet, but have realized that I lost my youth to TV and I could have been strumming a guitar.

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    1. Yeah, it’s become such a huge part of people’s lives. All I watch now are comedy panel shows and the Marvel series on Netflix. I really don’t understand those who can sit there and watch just any old crap.


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