4. The Call

Part 4 of my current writing project, working title Vigilante. Written as part of NaNoWriMo. Any suggestions, criticisms or pointing of of errors is welcomed.

What on earth? Wilkins was in disbelief. One of the vigilantes is the SON of Robert Myers? Or at least somebody high up in his organisation.

“Robert Myers is your god damn father?” he shouted.

“Hey, I’m on the phone, keep it down,” the vigilante shouted back, before speaking to whoever was on the other end of the call. “That was your old pal Willy Wilkins…. Nah, they kinda failed on that…. I know, right…. Um, yeah…. Uh huh…. That sounds a bit violent…. I’m not sure I like the sound of that…. Well now, that’s not very neighbourly, is it…. Yeah, you’re gonna need a few more guys for that…. I’ll pass that on…. Okay…. I’ll put my RSVP in the post…. Yeah, hate you too…. See you soon…. Ciao!”

“So Myers is your father?” Wilkins asked as the vigilante hung up the call.

“You said ‘one question,'” he answered. “You asked one question, I answered one question, now no more questions.”

“Okay, okay. Thanks for the help today.” Wilkins got to his feet to leave. As he passed by the vigilante, stepping over the bodies, he felt something dropped into his pocket.

“You’ll probably find some answers on there.”

Wilkins put his hand in his pocket, feeling the object. It was the phone. He nodded and continued to leave.

“You’ll need this, too,” the vigilante said, kneeling down and taking the phone owner’s hand. “Thumbprint, to unlock it.”

Guessing what was about to happen, Wilkins suddenly felt queasy. He turned his back on the scene as the vigilante picked up one of the dropped blades. He heard the hack, the slash, the crack and the other sickening sounds.

“I think I’ll be able to access it without, thank you,” he shuddered.

“Suit yourself,” came the response, followed by a soft, wet thud. “Oh, and William.” The menacing tone returned to his voice. “You tell anybody what you heard today, it’ll be the last word you ever say.”

Wilkins turned, only to see the vigilante had vanished. He looked down to see his tape recorder still on the ground. Picking it up he checked to see if the tape was still there. “Typical,” he sighed, finding it was also gone.


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