I used to be a racist

Borderline supremecist

I never acted on my views

But I had them nonetheless

I thought ’cause I was white

I was better than the rest

People told me it’s right

To put others down

If their skin wasn’t light

If they were black or brown


And then I was attacked

I attracted the hate

Just ’cause I grew

My hair to my waist

And I didn’t share their music taste

I wore baggy jeans and combat boots

Chains hanging from the belt loops

I never wore a tracksuit

And I listened to metal

Instead of hip-hop and rap

I couldn’t even name a single R’n’B group


I thought “This is bullshit

I don’t deserve this

Why do I get hit

For the way that I dress

I grow my hair long

Why is that so wrong?

Yeah I’m different

But so fucking what?


It dawned on me

I saw the light

Just ’cause I’m white

Doesn’t make it right

To put others down

If they’re black or brown

No-one gets to choose

The way that they’re made

We get put in these shoes

And then sent on our way


So I learned to accept

That we’re not all the same

Now I love and respect

Instead of trying to shame

I don’t give a fuck

About colour or race

Diversity is what we need to embrace

‘Cause it really doesn’t matter

The shade of your skin

It’s all about the person within


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