Not-So-Predictable Poetry

In case you missed it, Botnik Studios wrote their own chapter to Harry Potter, using their ‘predictive keyboard’ app. Read it here; it is, quite simply, incredible.

There is also a section on their website where you can create your own literature, either from texts they have included or one you upload yourself. Obviously, I had to give it a try.  I uploaded the manuscript for my book Syndrome (available on Amazon, if you weren’t aware 😉 )

Below are some of the poems I produced with it.



Cats scream for some semblance of order

They’ve poisoned the world before

Ignoring the words that now make sense

Dreams take me to the grave

Vicious little beings are not your slaves

Sorely tempted to stand with voices in my hand

But the adrenaline queens grow old

You think everything happens for eternity

My crystal meth meant the world

Now where has it gone




Farewell to the ground

For I am sky bound

Weak I used to be

Demons killing me

But not now I say

Dawning is the new day

To find the answers in

The fire that never fades



Favourite Game

Sweet lady of my soul

Forge new paths for me

Send dissected desires pure

Becoming my favourite game



The End

I am that boy of Dysturbia where we bury our treasures

My empty shell a place where answers get burned

But that’s the world where we are

We need only strength to stand

But it’s the end




Comrades fall around me

Bullets find warmth in their hearts

Walls once great now rubble

Bombs cry as they always seem to




Confusion strangles like a noose

Gradually through fear and violence

Becoming nothing but not silence

Limbs bound with every move




Waters pure of spiritual riches

Bodies entwined tight together

Shaft thrust in their favourite place

Impossibly sordid detail


All my book royalties this December will be donated to Crisis, a homeless charity operating throughout the UK

You can find my book on Amazon



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