Not-So-Predictable Poetry pt.2

I posted before about Botnik’s ‘predictive keyboard’ app where you can create your own literature, either from texts they have included or one you upload yourself. Obviously, I had to give it a try.  I uploaded the manuscript for my book Syndrome (available on Amazon, if you weren’t aware 😉 )

You can read the original post here.

Below are some more of the poems I produced with it.


Forbidden memories

Consequences of my temptation

Love withered

Endless tears

Urges overstepped




Disgusting human beings

Enslave our tongues

Afraid of what we know



Daily Mail

Assurances of my achievements

Turn into damnation

Falsehoods find ways to have dominion

Toxicity can kill society

Ignorant paper of sickness

Controlled by government

Farewell to the truth




The stars are bleak

Cold and dark

Ashes of hope

Forsaken dreams



Modest Yoda

I don’t need another head

The one I have is perfect

Airbrushed I am not

Amazed by me are you




Sweet lady of my temptation

Throw a rock in my direction

And then stab me with seduction

Hide behind a single clue

But not where I can’t find you

Taste the words that never sound

Spy on this garden where we bury the stars

Witness souls come back to haunt

Damned for eternity

Screaming in their plaguing rot

Regret nothing but chances gone

Survive the shifting trends

And you will never fall


All my book royalties this December will be donated to Crisis, a homeless charity operating throughout the UK

You can find my book on Amazon


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