Forgotten Something?

Once again it’s Christmas

Such a wonderful time of year

Sure it may be a stressful business

But everyone’s so full of cheer


The lights are up and the tree looks great

The wreath is on the door

There’s nothing left to decorate

Which is good, ’cause there’s no room left for more


All the presents are bought and wrapped

The cards have all been sent

Christmas Day is planned and mapped

You’re prepared for any event


The turkey and trimmings are ordered

The fridge is fully stocked

The Christmas cake is iced and ready

Is there anything you’ve forgot?


In all your efforts to be festive

And buy into the Christmas trend

Did you forget an elderly relative

A neighbour or a friend?


What about the homeless

The hungry and the cold

Who will be alone this Christmas

And with no place to go


They’ve no cards or presents

Underneath their tree

No turkey with all the trimmings

No friends or family


No door to hang a wreath on

No roof to cover in lights

No fireplace to hang a stocking

No bed to spend the night


If you must forget something

Forget the presents or the tree

But don’t forget each other

The homeless and the hungry


And don’t let anyone be alone this Christmas



If you know anybody who will be alone this Christmas, do something for them. If you are able to, visit them. Give them a card or a small gift. Invite them for Christmas dinner. Don’t let them be lonely.

Or do something to help those without even a roof over their heads, or who can’t afford to eat. Donate to a food bank or a charity. Nobody should be cold or hungry – not at Christmas or any other time of year.


All my book royalties this December will be donated to Crisis, a homeless charity operating throughout the UK

You can find my book on Amazon




  1. I like to cook and bake so actually for me it is about food. Home cooking cause it’s from the heart. That’s where it all starts. I understand though and the sentiment is right on. thanks.


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