One Rule

I have

One rule

You can hit me

You can kick me

You can trip me

Even spit on me

You can cut me

You can bruise me

You can misuse

Or abuse me

And I will try

To forgive you

All you have to do

Is admit to your wrongs

And apologise


But never



To me


If you know that

You can’t keep

A promise

Then don’t fake it

Just don’t make it

‘Cause I’m not going to take it


Don’t tell me what

You think I want

To hear

If it’s not the truth

‘Cause lies have no value

Keep everything a secret

If you have to


Just never



To me


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  1. interesting poem. just wondering, have you ever lied to your parents? It happens no? Lies happen but often the context around the lie is the crux of importance. Here’s to a more truthful 2018;)

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    1. I used to lie, a lot. Never huge, and I always felt it was justified. But then I suffered from the lies of others. And chose instead to be honest.
      I no longer lie, because I see no benefit in it.

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