Open Up

Why do you do you this to yourself

Suffering; never seeking help

Your pain is clear for all to see

But you let it fester and eat away

Dismiss concern, ignore the pleas

Of those who wish for this to cease

We ask “What’s wrong?” because we care

So please be honest with us and share

Open up and let it all spill out

We’re here to listen, we’re here to help



  1. Matt, I think creating a poem is a form of opening up and therapy, don’t you? It is like your inner thoughts seeping out. Things you would not normally verbalize can be externalized another way. What do you think? Do you feel freer after composing? Wow that word (freer) just doesn’t look right but I checked and it exists!

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    1. Before I sought help for my own depression, writing was the way in which I expressed myself. It gave me a method of release I didn’t otherwise have. It is definitely a great first step.


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