Takes Two To Tango

“Oh, wow!” she panted.

I grinned back at her, out of breath too. “I know, right.”

“That was intense.” She was trying to get her breathing back to normal.

“Well, you’re a great teacher.”

“And you’re not a bad student, mister. And you did that special thing I asked you to try.”

“I just wanted to see if I was limber enough for it.”

“You certainly are,” she smiled.

I wiped away the sweat that had formed on my forehead, feeling it too on my arms and back. “I’m going to grab a quick shower.”

“Sure,” she said, stretching. “Boy, you really pushed me to the limit today.”

“It takes two to tango,” I winked.

She laughed, just as her mobile rang. “Mind if I…?”

“Go ahead.”

She answered her phone. “In Step Dance School, Charlotte speaking.”



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