Who Are The Terrorists?

They stab with blades

We stand unafraid

They come with guns

We do not run

Unfazed by bombs

We carry on


The papers try to make us scared

They cry “Be vigilant and prepared!”

Make us question who we even trust

Make us turn on one another

Building walls between us

Watching as our bridges turn to dust


The Prime Minister speaks

And tells us to “Be strong”

But we were never weak

We were never going to run


Because we do not fear those they wish us to

We fear them

Those that bring our country to its knees

As they destroy it from within

We fear them


Those with more blood on their hands

Than the so-called ‘terrorists’


Who truly spreads terror?

Who do we really fear?

Not those with the guns and the bombs

But those with the power and the money

Those with the voice we cannot ignore

Shocking and scaring us into submission

The media and the governments

They are the ones we fear

They are the terrorists


Now is the time to make them fear us


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