I haven’t slept in six months. Five months, three weeks and four days. Roughly. I can’t be exact on the hours and minutes. I’m wide awake though. For the first couple of nights it wasn’t too bad. I’d stay up playing video games and watching crap movies. But I soon grew bored.

I started going for walks. The city is so quiet at night; eerie, yet charming. Living on the outskirts meant the hills overlooking the metropolis were within easy reach. The urban skyline, so ugly in the light of day, becomes so much more appealing in the dark. I would feign sleep until just past midnight when I could be sure my parents were asleep then climb out my window, wandering the near-silent streets or roaming the areas beyond the concrete jungle. I’d always be back in my bed by six o’clock, ready to be ‘woken’ by my dad at seven.

I discovered a new sense of freedom. With nobody else around in the woods and hills I could do entirely as I please. I would cross the river via the crumbling dam, I explored the disused military bunker, I built a small tree house from which I could watch the other nocturnal creatures. But again, I grew bored.

The sense of adventure was lost. I needed an element of risk that I wasn’t getting. And then I found it. I found her.

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  1. Agree, night is another world entirely. I used to run at night and running in the daytime was never the same. It seemed slower with all the hard edges. Somehow you feel invisible and invincible at night;) Your energy pulses.

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    1. I suffered from a lot of insomnia whilst at university. It was a Welsh coastal town so really pretty in the day, but at nighttime it took on a whole new feeling.


      1. Did you ever have a pet? I only ever had a hamster not quite great for insomnia since they are nocturnal;) I imagine having a dog or cat sleep on your bed would be helpful but can’t speak from experience unfortunately.


  2. I realize the post was fictional, not sleeping is serious stuff. Been there, I call it the 4 am nightmare, and only wish it on the enemy.


      1. I have changed my mindset on university. Overpriced for what you get (esp. here in N. America) , especially with the internet offerings these days. I too pretty much struggled through and was additionally traumatized by a professor that yelled and berated me in the corridor when all I did was ask help on a question. She completely stunned me since you never expect that from a teacher. I then learned that her son had died and she had not taken time off to grieve. Still don’t know how to feel about it but the damage was done.


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