Empty Faces

Empty faces all around me

Blind to all that surrounds them

Deaf to the horrors that stalk them

Unable to smell the shit they stand in

No way to ask for answers they so crave


And behind the empty faces, empty minds

Unaware and ignorant

Unwitting slaves to their masters

So blissfully innocent

Yet complicit in their crimes


As they believe the empty promises

Of a life one day so full

Bowing to the ruling powers

Giving them free reign

Willing puppets on the end of a string


Empty faces all around me

Empty heads, empty bodies, empty minds

Empty shells from which the soul has long departed

Empty chests now just a chasm which the heart fled

Empty promises the reason have no life to call as such


Empty faces all around me

Trapped within their empty lives


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    1. I see it constantly now. The parties in the UK and in the US especially. Supporters so focused on attacking the opposing parties that they are oblivious to the propaganda spread by their own.


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