Like weeds growing on both sides of the fence

Roots burrowing deep through the dirt

Strangling the flowers of truth and sense

Spreading its lies through the earth

And those who care for the gardens

Become accustomed to the weeds

Believe them flowers to which they tend

And blindly spread their seeds

No inkling or hint of suspicion

That the gardens they tend are diseased

Oblivious to the worsening condition

Unaware they have been deceived

Like weeds growing on both sides of the fence

Fake news spreads into the minds of all

It sates the hunger of the malcontent

Who gleefully swallow it whole


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    1. I know! I managed to write something about the media without resorting to profanity. 🙂
      Oh, and thank you for the first line. I stole it from your comment on Empty Faces


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