Just Another Day

Valentine’s Day is just a week away

Now’s the time the singles all come out to play

The dating sites are charging premium rates

Panicking subscribers not yet resigned to their fate

Still desperately looking for a date

The women who don’t want to spend it alone

The men who are looking for someone to bone*

(Or at the very least get blown)

The men buy overpriced chocolate and roses

That’ll break the bank whatever he chooses

And the women with boyfriends already

Have been told by their friends “Oh I bet he proposes”

There’s so many people so desperate for love

Companionship or sex, or all of the above

And while it’s only one week away

They need reminding that Valentine’s Day

Is, after all, just another day


*I hate ‘bone’ as a word for sex, but it rhymes…

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  1. Matt the cynic and the romantic;-) We definitely get more cynical as we get older. In 5th grade my teacher asked the class to give out our valentines cards in class. Despite being somewhat shy I got up sweaty palms, beating heart and in front of the whole class walked right up to ***** and handed him my valentine. A charlie brown moment but I still treasure it.

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  2. Might I add Valentines is the way you feel before words like boning and $$ come into play. Valentines is the first blush that is why it is pink to red. It’s all emotion and infatuation and reality has nothing to do with it. Matt as you note,.. it can happen any day of the year and Valentines has over commercialized and pressurized its sentimental values.

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    1. It’s the least romantic day of the year, because it’s the day everybody feels duty bound to be romantic. As you say, it’s just a way to make people spend more monies.


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