Writer’s Curse

Empty notebook

Pen in hand

Thinking hard

But the river’s dammed

Spent all day

Trying to write

But nothing’s flowing

No words in sight

Put down the notebook

Put down the pen

I’ll get some sleep

Then try again

Head hits the pillow

Off goes the light

Now come the words

Piercingly bright

Prick like needles

Weaving threads

Of conjured poesy

They fill my head

With rhyme and rhythm

And perfect verse

That I’ll never remember

It’s the writer’s curse


My laptop has died. Any purchase of my book would help put me in a position where I could replace it.

Or Buy Me a Coffee and we’ll be bestest buddies forever

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    1. I try to make a point now of making sure I note down every line that forms in my head. But when I’m on the cusp of sleep,, I just think “I’ll just have to remember to write that down in the morning.” And then, of course, it’s gone.

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      1. It isn’t really, Matt. If you can, try writing the minute you get up and just keep writing, stream of consciousness. I am just now publishing a rhymed children’s story book that came to me all at one time from a line I remembered upon awakening. At other times, those thoughts go into your subconscious mind where they lie waiting for you. I once had what seemed to be a memory of a past life during a period wherein I was hypnotised. I said to my hypnotist, “How do I know it wasn’t just my imagination?” Her reply,” Of course it was your imagination. What do you think your imagination is?” I’ve never forgotten that.

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        1. Waking up, for me, takes at least two hours and a lot of coffee. This piece was written at about half 9 this morning though, as a result of unsuccessfully trying to remember the verses that came to me last night. No doubt they will return at some point, but in the meantime it’s frustrating.
          And hey, it led to me writing this, so it’s not all bad šŸ™‚

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        2. Absolutely. You demonstrate my point! Try writing in that foggy two hours. You might be surprised. Don’t try to remember. Just write whatever comes. Those first foggy non-thoughts are attached to something you might enjoy hearing.

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  1. Can’t count the times this has happened to me. Where I’ll get a wave of inspiration, at an inopportune time, and sigh in frustration because I know I can’t sit down to write it all out. Great job expressing that frustration.

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