It’s Not Personal

Past experience has taught me

To always assume

That I’m the smartest person in the room

And in my efforts not to complicate

I sometimes over-compensate

So if ever it sounds

Like I’m talking down to you

Lecturing or scolding you

Please understand

That it’s nothing personal

I just have confidence in what I say


My laptop has died. Any purchase of my book would help put me in a position where I could replace it.

Or Buy Me a Coffee and we’ll be bestest buddies forever



    1. We probably wouldn’t get along. :l
      Unless, also like me, he admits when he’s wrong (which I think is the first rule of marriage, right?), or knows how to agree to disagree.


  1. If you can communicate your feelings you are one step ahead in the relationship game of snakes and ladders. Sometimes those feelings might just get you slip sliding instead of climbing 😉


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