Politics, Society & Satire


They tell us to be cautious

Give us lists of what to fear

Making us suspicious

Of all we see and hear


They claim stories as fictitious

If they don’t like the truth

While they spread their own malicious

Rumours without a shred of proof


Yet people ask me why

I’m always so cynical

It’s because I see with my own eyes

Not through rose-tinted spectacles


I’m writing a lot about the media right now, and the way in which much of what is broadcast or printed and passed off as news in effectively propaganda for whatever causes the moguls wish to promote. I’m trying to diversify more but as everything I write is a reflection of how I feel at the time, this topic will continue to appear in my posts. I also tend to fit the Daily Prompt into my writing, whether by editing in into an unpublished piece or building a new poem around it, so the content is dictated somewhat by that.

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3 thoughts on “Media”

  1. I use the news to give me the pulse of what is out there. Started donning filters a few years now. If you take it all face value then it could be to your detriment since often not the whole story is told etc.

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    1. I read what’s on BBC, then do some digging on stories I’m unsure about. I avoid any sources I know to display a n obvious bias to either the left or right.
      Unfortunately, most people have their preferred source and refuse to read anything else.


      1. Preferred sources due to lack of time and if nothing is interesting on the home front or I want the euro perspective on an issue ….I too check out BBC all the way from la belle province in Canada.


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