When Will You Learn

Your thoughts and prayers

And your condolences

They don’t mean shit

To the grieving parents

A nation weeps

Hearts are breaking

As its children sleep

Never waking

Brothers and sisters

Daughters and sons

Mothers and fathers

Slaughtered with guns

But still you refuse

To pin the blame

On these deadly weapons

Instead you claim

That more are needed

To stem the tide

Of blood and violence

But it won’t subside

When will you learn

When will you see

That your inaction

Is part of the problem



      1. It’s not a gun issue, most if not all mass murderers have a mental issue. The problem is that in most states they pass background checks. The background-check system blocks people from buying guns only if a court, board, commission or other lawful authority deems them mentally ill. People committed by family members aren’t flagged and may buy guns.


        1. If somebody is shot, it is a gun issue. Mental health is a big problem in the UK too, but those of us with depression and other issues don’t go shooting up schools. Because we don’t have guns. And if people don’t have guns, it’s impossible for them to shoot people with guns.

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          1. We’re not discussing issues in the UK. This is in America and we have a constitution that allows us to own guns. It’s not a gun issue. If someone wants to kill somebody and doesn’t have a gun, can it be done? Take Timothy McVeigh, for example, he killed 168 people and injured more than 600 people with fertilizer and racing fuel and no gun was used. The Terrorist that flew planes into the World Trade Centers and killed more than 3,000 people did it without guns. I know these are extreme examples but just using them as examples because no guns were used. Again, it’s not a gun issue.


          2. Sorry, I didn’t realise it was up to you yo decide what is discussed on my posts, on my website. Oh, wait, it isn’t. We discuss whatever is relevant to the point being made. And it is relevant to mention that countries where guns are illegal have considerably fewer shootings.
            Of course guns aren’t the only way to kill. But it’s easier to use a gun than build a bomb or hijack a plane. And the constitution can be changed. It’s been changed 27 times.

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  1. I didn’t say anything about what is discussed or not discussed on your website. You wrote a piece about an event that happened in the United States. Whatever the UK or any other country does or does not do, will have no effect on it. You brought a claim into this discussion that is meaningless because it will never be that way in America.

    It’s time that we stop putting the blame for any killing on the tool used to do it with. We need to realize that there is a very real problem in America with the mental issues. Believe me, I know about the mental issues here. I have dealt with it my entire life and in just the last 3 or 4 years have begun treating it, because the Dr’s misdiagnosed me so many times. And I am not allowed to own a gun, which is a good thing with what is wrong with me. The Stigma of Mental Illness is making us sicker.


    1. You said we’re not discussing the UK, so yes you did say what is discussed on my website.
      I made a comparison between the US and the UK, which is relevant. If you fail to see the relevance, that is a reflection on you.
      100% of shootings involving guns involve guns. Fact. Not all shootings involving guns can be attributed yo mental health problems. So how the hell is taking guns away from people not the answer?

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      1. It’s not the whole answer. The “Gun” didn’t kill those victims in Florida. The person with the mental issue did. I know not every murder is due to a mental issue, but most mass murders are and that is what we were discussing. Murders are going to continue to happen with gun or knife or bombs or vehicles, etc. I guess if we should take your approach to the situation we should take away every weapon that has been used to commit mass murders. I’ll end this with – I will agree to disagree with you on whether it was the guns fault or not. Have a good day.


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