On Another Plane

It doesn’t always feel like

I’m really here

My body is present in this world

But my mind exists in another plane

I see things in a way

They are not meant to be seen

As though their outside layers

Have been peeled back

And I am looking at what’s beneath;

The harsh truths behind the façades


My laptop has died. Any purchase of my book would help put me in a position where I could replace it.

Or Buy Me a Coffee and we’ll be bestest buddies forever


10 thoughts on “On Another Plane”

    1. Thank you ☺
      However, I have since added some punctuation at the end of the penultimate line, so it should read as I intended. It is the harsh truths I see, beneath the false skin they wear. Apologies if this lessens somewhat your enjoyment of my poem.
      I fear that seeing beyond the truth would make me more of a conspiracy theorist 😐; something I most certainly am not!

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        1. I think it’s the acceptance is the critical blow. At least those still in denial can feign ignorance. We who accept the harsh truths about this world and this life, we have to learn to live with it.
          On the plus side, I think we have far more creative minds, because we need that form of escape 👍

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