Memories Of The Future

A memory from the future

A premonition of the past

It’s hard to tell just what is real

When life goes by so fast

We all know time is linear

What’s done is set in stone

But knowledge is nothing more

Than ideas we’ve been shown

History’s written by the winners

To the victor go the spoils

Truth is buried with the losers

Beneath the lies and soil

So why do we blindly trust

In what our teachers say

Facts are little more than sketches

Truth’s as shapable as clay

Memories from the future

Or premonitions of the past

Are these really so impossible?

Should they be so hastily dismissed?


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3 thoughts on “Memories Of The Future”

  1. If the losers are buried with the truth under the weight of the lies then what do the winners carry beside their spoils? Their conscience until they too lie with their own truths and lies. No one is impervious.

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    1. Very true. Though I doubt too many of the winners have much of a conscience left.
      (only just seen your comment – WP flagged it as spam for some reason. :/ )


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