We Need To Get A Grip

It doesn’t take much these days

To plunge a country into chaos

A little bit of rain or wind

Or a light dusting of frost

The faintest hint of snow

And everybody panics

Stocking up and being prepared

For weather apocalyptic

Are we expecting floods

Or a month’s worth of snow?

Is it the real life

‘Day After Tomorrow’?

… No

But a bit of a breeze

A shower of rain

A dusting of snow

And they cancel the trains

The airports are closed

And buses don’t run

But there’s not enough snow

To even have any fun

This would probably count as summer

In Canada or Norway

But over here in England

It’s the fucking end of days


My laptop has died. Any purchase of my book would help put me in a position where I could replace it.

Or Buy Me a Coffee and we’ll be bestest buddies forever



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