The Full Story

People are stupid

Hopelessly helplessly

Often inexcusably


And hypocritical

Employing double standards

One rule for them

Another for the rest

We’re all guilty of it

People ask of the papers

Peddling propaganda

“Why do people read this shit?”

“Who on earth believes this shit?”

And all the while

They share the stories printed

By their paper of preference

Not realising it’s as far from the truth

As the news they dismissed

But they’re blinded by bias

So quick to claim as lies

All that they don’t agree with

And rushing to share as gospel

That which they wish to be true


Based, in part, on my Ramblings piece, The Full Story, and also on some of the ignorant bastards who populate my Facebook friends list.


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    1. Thanks.
      So many people get all their news from stories shared on social media. But they’re always biased one way or the other. I try to offer up more accurate details, but I get dismissed because the facts don’t fit the false narrative they’ve come to believe.

      Liked by 1 person

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