The Iceman

Another offering from my Bedside Draw. Written around eight or nine years ago. Somewhat inspired by an enemy, Martin Finnegan, from the BioShock video game, and also by my own state of mind at the time.


No more emotion

Feelings are frozen

I’m the fucking Iceman

And the Iceman cometh for you


You try to hurt me

You only make me angry

You’re messing with the Iceman

Now the Iceman’s coming for you


What do you think your words of hate will do?

Do you think I’m ever gonna listen to you?

You’d shut your fucking face if only you knew

I’m the fucking Iceman and I’m coming for you


Ice flows in my veins, my heart is frozen

There’s a storm in my head, my mind is broken

There’s no hope for me, no-one can mend it

So people try to end me but I wouldn’t recommend it


One look from my eyes

Can turn your blood to ice

Your tried to mess with me

And now you’ll pay the price


You thought you could beat me

Now it’s too late to join me

I’m the fucking Iceman

And the Iceman’s coming for you


It’s too late to run away

Nowhere is safe for you to stay

You want some fun?; let’s fucking play

‘Cause I’m the fucking Iceman

And Iceman’s coming for you


I’m going to go out on a limb and say I was pretty pissed off at the time of writing.



          1. But thankfully it is all in the past Matt. You are blessed with such creativity, I am sure depression has not in anyway impacted it. You are young, you have a wonderful life ahead. Highs and lows will come and go.

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