Did. Do. Will do.

Was. Is. Will be.

Loved. Loves. Will love.

Different tenses

Are little more

Than different lenses

Viewing the same subject

But from a different perspective


Loved. Loves. Will love.

I have always loved you

Even before we met

Somehow I knew


I love you now

With every fibre

Of all my beings

In this world

And all the rest


I will always love you

Beyond all constraints

The universe tries to employ


Loved. Loves. Will love.

When it comes to you and I

What has been

What is

And what will be

Are one in the same

Because we are bound

Not by the laws of existence

But by a timeless love

To one another

The past, present and future

In parallel

And our love spread across them




Will love.

Forever and always.


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