Love, Life & Loss

So Strange, This Thing We Call Fear

It’s strange

The times we feel scared

And the times that we don’t

What is it that sets off those alarm bells

In our heads

Makes us fear for our safety

Our future prospects and opportunities

Believing it to be

The final hammer blow

When I was thrown from my raft

In white water rapids

Swept away down river

Was I scared?

Not particularly

When I was threatened by a gang

When I’ve had knives brandished in my face

Bricks thrown at my head

Was I scared?

Maybe a little…

But I was more scared

When I thought I was to be expelled from high school

Bringing my dreams of university

And becoming a space physicist

Crashing down to earth

Why was I more consumed by fear

Facing the prospect of a life different to that I had dreamt of

Than when I thought I may have no life at all


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7 thoughts on “So Strange, This Thing We Call Fear”

  1. They say live your life like it’s the last day, be true to you, your beliefs …because if that be the case then in your heart you’ll always go with peace.

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