My Resolution Revisited

I don’t usually do the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but I decided to partake in the tradition this year. Here’s an update on how it’s going:


My New Year’s Resolution

For twenty-eighteen

Was to make more conversation

What an effort it’s been


I’m sure you understand

It’s been hard but I’ve tried

It’s like I’ve been buried in the sand

Before an incoming tide


Because few people these days

Want alternative views

You must see things their way

Or you’re branded “Fake news”


So as someone aligned

To neither the left nor the right

I seem always to find

People who want only to fight


They’ve no desire to talk

If you don’t think alike

And they tend to balk

If you offer honest insight


They don’t want to know

Of the world beyond their views

They’ve their own status quo

Anything else they’ll refuse


And the harder you try

The less they will listen

They cover ears and eyes

To all other opinions


But still I continue

To seek conversation

Determined to see through

My New Year’s Resolution


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          1. Well, that would defeat the point of having a conversation. Not only must somebody be willing to listen to alternative opinions, but offer up their own too.

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