Play To Your Strengths

To say my handwriting is messy

Would be an understatement

And I’ve never mastered any

Musical instrument

My artistic abilities limit me

From drawing anything elaborate

But give me Lego to build with

And there’s no design too intricate


When it comes to eating

I often lack adventure

There are foods I’ll never touch

Due to taste or smell or texture

And I only know three recipes

I’m too scared to experiment

But the few dishes I can cook

May as well be heaven sent


My vocabulary is stunted

I don’t use fancy language

So when it comes to writing

I’m at a disadvantage

But over time I’ve learned

That people need to understand

So if it gets the point across

Proper English‘ can be damned!


What I’m saying is keep things simple

Don’t over-complicate

Always play to your own strengths

Don’t let your weaknesses dictate

Just tell your limitations to go fuck themselves

There is nothing you can’t create


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