I Don’t Care

Call me a cur

If that’s what you think of me

Or any other slur

You think is fair

‘Cause I don’t care

What it is you see

Looking down on me


Call me a wretch

A mongrel, a mutt

A worthless scrub

‘Cause I don’t care

What you think of me

How you compare

Yourself to me


You’re living the high life

Mansion in the suburbs

With your trophy wife

Garage full of super cars

Drinking at exclusive bars

More money than you’ll ever need

Because you’re nothing more

Than just another fucking slave to greed


And you look at me

No house, no wife, no car

Drinking in the dingy bars

But living free

No fancy life controlling me

‘Cause I don’t care


And I look back at you

And I see

That you’re jealous of me

And you hate it

You’ve got everything you wanted

That you thought you’d ever need


But there’s two things you’re missing

Way up there at the top of the pile

A heart

And an unforced smile


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