The Door

There is a door

At the back of my mind

Lost in the shadows

Behind the boxes of memories

Packed away and left untouched

For longer than I dare remember

Too far back and too well hidden

To be reached by the light


There is a door

Locked shut and sealed tight

Kept out of sight

The key so cunningly discarded

So as to never be found

I know not what lies behind this door

The answers to all my questions

Or questions that have no answers


And if ever I found the key

Would I give in to curiosity

See what’s hidden behind this door

Or would fear get the best of me

Fear of what I may find


In response to Sara’s Key challenge


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  1. Matt, now I REALLY want to know what is behind the door. I love the lines “The answers to all my questions” “Or questions that have no answers”. I hope one day you find the key, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be lost forever and I will be left as intrigued as you are. Thank you for your contribution to the challenge, it was a great read! 🙂

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