Look // Listen // Learn

As a vaccine needs

A sample of the disease

As a cure for poison

Requires a taste of the venom

You will never understand

What life is like on the other side

If you don’t live it yourself

See the world through their eyes

Experience the ways

They fill their days

Or at least take the time

To look

To listen

To learn

To fight a sickness

You must know what it is

You are dealing with

Know how it spreads

Where it gets its strength

What its next move will be

Only then can you medicate



If needs be rehabilitate

Then educate

Educate the future doctors

So they know how to cure the diseases

And even spot them before they take hold

Identify the symptoms

Avoid complications

Before the manifestation begins

Educate the people

So they can better take care of themselves

And of others

Teach them to look out for one another

To talk about their health



And social

And to spot the warning signs

That a friend

Loved one

Stranger or enemy

Is not well and needs help

Look out for them

And they will look out for others

Listen to them

And they will open up

Learn from them

And they will teach

Love them

And they will love too






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