The Shifting Sands

Lost and alone

In these treacherous lands

Known only as

The Shifting Sands


Many have entered

Yet none survive

Not even the ones

Who make it out alive


For here in the dunes

‘Neath the unsetting sun

There’s no footprints nor markers

To guide your return


The Sands devour

Each step that you take

They want you to stay

They won’t let you escape


You may be tempted to run

But there’s nowhere to hide

The Sands have consumed

All those that have tried


Driven mad from the heat

The hunger and thirst

The Sands never forgive

Once you walk them, you’re cursed


Inspired by my composition of the same name



    1. Thank you 😊 Listening back to it, the title just felt like a perfect fit, and the words flowed out.
      I’m still learning (do we ever really stop?) but the difference between my compositions now and 15 months ago is remarkable. I feel I’ve not just improved, but evolved as well.


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