Activist Or Terrorist?

It is actions alone that separate

An activist from a terrorist

Ideology is irrelevant

When they cross the line

Whether protesting

Against animal-based testing

Or trying to impose

Political or religious views

The second violence is used

And safety of others is threatened

That line between activism

And terrorism

Has been crossed


9 thoughts on “Activist Or Terrorist?”

    1. I’m not convinced it even gets blurred. I see it as a clear and well defined line, which so many cross. An individual or group’s ideology should never prevent them as being labelled as terrorists if their actions by any other would be classed as such.

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  1. The problem is… define violence. Violence has many gradients, it is not such a simple picture. Violence can be almost imperceptible but still impact greatly. The new updated packaging.


    1. That is a very good point. I would say that the line is drawn at the point any sort of intimidation or provocation of fear is used. Of course, this is my opinion and always open to discussion.


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