It Had To Be This Way

When I tell the story

Of my darkest moment

The time I came closest

To pulling the plug

Too many people tell me

“You never should have reached that point”

But yes, I should


It was only through that experience

I found the strength to confront my demons

To seek out the light in the darkness

To acknowledge my problems

And fight them

It was only by finding myself so lost

So hopelessly alone

That I was forced to open my eyes

And see the place I was in

What I had become


If I had never hit rock bottom

I would never have stopped falling

I’d be plummeting still

Deeper and deeper into despair

It was only after landing

That I could find my feet

And live once again


    1. I’m not entirely sure we can ever be in control. The high, lows and all other times are not something we have any real dominion over. All we have any possible say over is how we respond.

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