Writing Challenge: Footsteps In The Dark

At a creative writing group yesterday, we were set a task of creating a short passage (either an introduction to a tale, or a story in its own right) based on the following brief given by the organiser, off the top of his head:

Night. Edge of a forest. A girl/young woman is walking. Full moon. Suddenly, she hears footsteps…

The point of the exercise was to write unfiltered. No thinking, just putting down the words that first entered out minds. So here is mine, (mostly) unedited.


Footsteps In The Dark

Footsteps. Distant at first. Faint, barely audible. But fast. The rapid pounding of feet on the heavy, damp ground was growing closer. Twigs cracking to her left. The girl turned to look, but the light of the full moon failed to penetrate the leafy canopy enough to illuminate the area for her to see.

Breathing hard, heart pounding, she pressed on. Eyes focused ahead she moved forward. She knew there wasn’t far to go now. But the footsteps were getting louder. Nearer.

She began to jog. Then run. Desperate to put distance between her and the source of the footsteps. And to reach her destination faster. Allowing herself a quick glance behind, she failed to spot a fallen branch. She tripped, tumbling forwards and landing heavily on the leaf strewn ground.

A pained cry escaped her mouth. Raising her head, she could see the end almost within reach. But the footsteps were even closer now. Almost on top of her.

This is it, she thought. It’s over now.

“Suck it, loser,” another girl laughed as she passed her to claim the gold medal.


Thoughts? I have an idea of how to continue, if I get around to it.

If anybody wants to take the brief and do their own story, go ahead. If possible, write unfiltered for 5-10 minutes. Then allow five minutes for minor editing and tweaks.


        1. Yay!
          If I do carry it on at some point, I’ve got the next few paragraphs lined up. But I want to write in the same each as I did this part: unfiltered, not over-thinking, and in short bursts.


  1. I like the idea. For me it was a surprise ending since it seemed to be going somewhere else. Also adding on to another”s story like telephone game would be interesting. If one does attempt this writing query where would one post it. Is there a site?

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    1. There isn’t a site for this, no. It was just a challenge at the writing group I went to. If people wanted to partake themselves, they could post on their own site and link it back here. Or I will look at all-star possibilities once I am a PC (my phone isn’t suitable for doing anything technical).


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