Day By Day – Ripples Of Time

One of the things I have been working towards this year is my second published work. It consist, rather simply, of all poetry and verse I write throughout 2018. I haven’t set myself any kind of challenge to write every day, so this won’t be one of those poem a day things. But it should offer some sort of insight into where I was, mentally, each day that I did write.

Each piece will be in the order they were written. Well, mostly. Where there were two or more written on the same day, the order might be slightly off, to ensure they are printed in the most reader-friendly fashion. Basically, any pieces that are printed over two pages will be given a two-page spread, rather than requiring the reader to turn over the page. Otherwise they might assume the poem comes to a very abrupt end. And, of course, each piece will be accompanied by the date it was written. Or completed, if it was one I had to come back to.

Now, given this obviously can’t be published until next year at the earliest, it may seem a bit soon to be settling on a title and cover. Things change. In fact, the title I have decided to go with is the fourth, maybe even fifth, I have ‘settled on’ so far. But I am very happy with this one, as well as the cover I was able to mock-up.

Also, this year seems to be going by exceptionally fast, so if I don’t get things sorted early I could easily find myself rushing later. And I would ideally like to get the book published in January.

Anyway, I would like to share with you today my current plan for the book cover. Any comments, feedback, criticisms or such are welcome.

And if 2019 feels like it’s still too far in the distant future, how about grabbing a copy of my first published book, Syndrome.

Day By Day

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