Ripples Of Time – poem

Each day

Is just another ripple of time

Carrying us farther and farther

From the epicenter

Of our existences


Just as a stone is tossed into a lake

We were brought into this world

Through a moment of fancy

Of adventure

Of boredom

Of over-excitement

Or perhaps just mere curiosity


And now

With every ripple

And every day that passes

Our impact spreads

Not always so noticeably

But reaching ever farther

From the point where it all began


There are moments

When our ripples meet

With those of others

Sometimes cancelling out

Other times resonating



All the while

Our ripples spread

Until one day

They stop

And fade

Stillness returns

And all that remains of us

Is another stone

Resting on the lake floor


For each day

Is nothing more

Than a ripple on the surface

Of the endless lake of time



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